Powering Smart Learning


Ongoing fourth industrial revolution has made automation cheap, affordable and inevitable for industries.


Skill Gap : Scarcity of people who can handle the automation technologies

The driving principal of Terafac Technologies is to revolutionize the way technology is introduced to the youth, to upskill them for Industry 4.0 and make them future ready.

Introducing TFT Ed-Rigs, a plug and play Industrial Miniature kit to upskill the youth for industry 4.0

The kit comprises of various modules whose inter-combination can mimic the core automation processes of various industries ranging from a paper mill to an amazon warehouse.

Industry 4


Virtual Labs

Smart Technology

Collaborative Learning

They are miniature replicas of industrial automation equipment. The workstations are equipped with the latest technologies and provide a hands-on experience, allowing students to play with all core industrial automation processes such as Robotic SCARA arms, Cartesian pickers, Vision systems, IoT and Augmented Reality.

The rigs enable innovative, intuitive and smart learning – making the youth Industry Ready.