Industry 4.0 and Skills Gap

This is the age of the 4th Industrial revolution. This means industrial processes are upgraded to work at a much faster pace. Tasks are being automated and much of the data is digitized. The world is going through a tremendous change that will completely change the way things work in industries within a few years. Since […]

Augmented Reality on Industrial Machines

How they can change the future of industries.  What if all industrial equipment could be controlled virtually without much physical effort, or even without being present in person? This is possible through Augmented Reality (AR), which can enhance any real-world environment by making it interactive. Augmented Reality (AR) is not a new concept. The video […]

Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality. Mixed Reality.

How they shape the 4th Industrial Revolution.  The different stages of the Industrial Revolution  Technological advancements over the years have powered the different stages of the industrial revolution. The 1st industrial revolution saw the usage of steam power that increased productivity and the 2nd industrial revolution employed electricity for faster production at lower cost.  The […]

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