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Founded by Anubhi Khandelwal with a vision to empower smart manufacturing and smart learning, Terafac Technologies was established in 2021. The company is a DPIIT recognized startup with the aim to prepare the youth for Industry 4.0.

The world is going through what we call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The world is set to see a transformation that will be unmatched in scale, scope and complexity, with stakeholders from all walks of life from public and private sectors to academia and civil society.

With the introduction of new technologies to the likes of Augment Reality, Artificail Intelligence, IOT (Internet of things) etc into manufacturing, the industrial landscape is changing with a speed never seen before.

The industries need to adapt to these technologies quickly to stay competitve in global market! This will also eventually introduce a skill gap! Under these inevitable changes, we can say with certainty that future workforce needs to align its skillset to sustain and thrive.

The driving principal of Terafac Technologies is to revolutionize the way technology is introduced to the students to upskill them for Industry 4. We offer smart and compact mechatronics rigs along with their digital twins that allows universities to integrate Industry 4.0 into their education endeavours with the aim to make the youth industry ready. Know more…

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Terafac Technolgies also strives to collaborate with OEMs and End Users to tranfrom their business models, machines and industrial processes with Industry 4.0 technologies. We offer solutions to enable large scale manufacturing improvements and operational excellence. Know more…

Meet the Team

Anubhi Khandelwal
Anubhi Khandelwal (Founder & Director)

Anubhi Khandelwal, ex-Siemens UK, is the founder and director of Terafac Technologies. With a Masters in Automation and Control Engineering, she has an expertise in factory automation and IIOT solutions and has spent over half a decade in the UK delivering on multiple projects as Siemens Digitalized Automation Specialist. She was Siemens Virtual Commissioning Expert for the UK and Ireland, and the lead technical consultant for roll out digitalization technologies. 

Ashwani Khandelwal
Ashwani Khandelwal (Director)

Ashwani Khandelwal is the director of Terafac Technologies and the owner of Perfect Products (India)which is a 24-year-old firm. He has extensive experience delivering on multiple electrical and automation projects across India. He also served as National General Secretary IIA (Indian Industries Association). He remains a tech enthusiast at heart and offers consulting to companies that are in need of innovative solutions, strategies & support during and after the initial set-up phase.

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